General Sessions

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Monday, June 2

Opening General Session
8:00a.m. – 9:30a.m.

AIHce 2014 General Session LeydenThe Next Tech Paradigm Shifts That Will Change Your World
Peter Leyden, Founder and CEO, Reinventors Network, San Francisco, CA

The Digital Revolution is really only getting started and there are more technological paradigm shifts on the horizon. Peter Leyden draws off his two decades in the Silicon Valley to explain what OEHS professionals need to know about the Digital Revolution and its next phases: All about Apple and the mobile future, Google and the video future, Facebook and the future of collaboration. Leyden looks at the next waves of technology, like energy, and developments related to technology, such as generational change and how technology will ultimately help us solve our biggest challenges.

Leyden is a frequent commentator and analyst in the media, respected journalist, and co-author of two books on the coming decades: The Long Boom and What’s Next?

Tuesday, June 3

General Session
8:00a.m. – 9:00a.m.

AIHce 2014 General Session John HowardEvolution & Journey to a Safer Tomorrow
John Howard, MD, MPH, JD, LLM, Director, NIOSH, Washington DC

The 75th anniversary of AIHA and AIHce provides the perfect setting to recognize both the rich history of industrial hygiene, and the exciting future that is before us.  By honoring our traditions, we show how those that came before us set the stage for the progress of today, and to the future opportunities and challenges on the horizon for the IH profession.  There is no better person to deliver this celebratory presentation of our “evolution and journey” than Dr. John Howard, one of the profession’s most engaging and enlightening presenters.

Wednesday, June 4

General Session
8:00a.m. – 9:00a.m.

AIHce 2014 Opening Session NovaGlobalization and the Cost of Worker Health & Safety Worldwide
Scott Nova, Executive Director, Worker Rights Consortium, Washington DC

Globalization has brought economic growth and new prosperity to many regions of the world, yet at the same time, has also brought challenges, concerns and threats to workplace health and safety.  Through several fascinating case studies, predominately focused on the apparel industry, Scott Nova will describe the economic, political, and technical dynamics behind these eye-opening workplace challenges along with potential solutions and promising new models for worker protection.

A frequent commentator on these issues, Nova has often been featured on CNN, National Public Radio and C-Span.  He has also had numerous articles published on these topics in major newspapers and other publications.